The last month on the road has been amazing. It is hard to think back to my first day out, meeting Sierra and David at Remington Hot Springs, and realize I have not been 'home' since then. I miss my bus! I started missing it about 10 days into this trip. Triplet lamb babies were born at Double Gum Tree Farm today. I can't wait to see them.

Thankfully, Missoula has been amazing just as everything else. The backcountry ski day with Abigail and Jeremy was... an experience... type II fun (the kind that is fun in retrospect). Heavy and deep snow made what would have been great terrain into a challenging situation and we made it out of the Lolo pass area at the border of Idaho and Montana after dark with headlamps, punch-holing to our thighs when we finally took our skis off for safety reasons. As a still-novice backcountry skier, I felt very humbled several times throughout the afternoon. 

While this entire trip has been meaningful, I'm ready to go home. I'm ready to lay my head in my own little space, see the pups and the pigs and the sheepsies and laze around for a couple days. I'm so grateful for hospitality that has been offered to me, and to the myriad of adventures I've been on. So genuinely happy for every connection I have had, whether reuniting with dear old friends, running into unexpected acquaintances, or the new souls I have had the pleasure to meet.